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European Conference on Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Technology

May 9-12, 2004

Sevilla, Spain

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In 2004, and for the first time, the three European associations ADRITELF, APGI and SEFIG have joined their forces to co-organize in Sevilla (Spain) an International Conference on Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Technology.

To highlight the European character of this international event, we have invited EUFEPS and FIP to hold this meeting under their auspices.

This meeting will provide the opportunity to participate at a major event in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery Sciences and encounter scientists from all over the world. This event is also the unique opportunity to celebrate the 40th anniversary of APGI. You will be delighted by the charm of Sevilla, with its palaces, its Cathedral and the Girardella and the unforgettable charms of this gorgeous Andalusian city.

Our three associations are looking forward to welcoming you in Sevilla.


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Prof. Dr. E. Fattal (President of APGI)
Prof. Dr. U. Conte (President of ADRITELF)
Prof. Dr. A. Concheiro (President of SEFIG)

Chair of the organization committee

Prof. Dr. M.R. Jimenez Castellanos

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. F. Alhaique
Prof. Dr. M. J. Alonso
Prof. Dr. P. Arnaud
Prof. Dr. J. P. Benoît
Prof. Dr. P. Colombo
Prof. Dr. P. Couvreur
Prof. Dr. J. M. Irache
Prof. Dr. M. Llabrés
Prof. Dr. F. Veronese

Advisory board


  • Prof. Dr. P. Artursson

  • Prof. Dr. S. Benita

  • Prof. Dr. R. Bodmeier

  • Prof. Dr. C. Caramella

  • Prof. Dr. D. Chulia

  • Prof. Dr. D. Duchêne

  • Prof. Dr. A.T. Florence

  • Prof. Dr. R. Gaspar

  • Prof. Dr. R. Gurny

  • Prof. Dr. R. Guy

  • Prof. Dr. A. Hincal

  • Prof. Dr. T. Kissel

  • Prof. Dr. J. Kopecek

  • Prof. Dr. P. Macheras

  • Prof. Dr. P. Maincent

  • Prof. Dr. J. Martínez Lanao

  • Prof. Dr. J. C. Leroux

  • Prof. Dr. T. Nagai

  • Dr. R. Obach Vidal

  • Prof. Dr. V. Préat

  • Prof. Dr. N. A. Peppas

  • Prof. Dr. Y. Sugiyama

  • Prof. Dr. F. C. Szoka jr

  • Prof. Dr. J. J. Torres Labandeira

  • Prof. Dr. A. Urtti

  • Dr. M. Veillard

  • Prof. Dr. C. Wilson


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Aims and Scope

This conference will deal with all areas of drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology, including:

• Pharmaceutical dosage forms
• Drug delivery systems
• Therapeutic systems
• Site-specific delivery
• Bioavailability
• Absorption enhancement
• Targeting
• Ophthalmics
• Buccal and nasal delivery
• Pulmonary delivery
• Colon delivery
• Transdermal delivery
• Peptide/protein delivery
• Blood substitutes

• Vaccines
• Gene delivery
• Biomaterials

• Biocompatibility
• Polymers
• Diffusion modelling
• In vitro/in vivo evaluation
• Cell cultures
• Animal models
• Batches for clinical trials
• Raw materials
• Physicochemical characteristics Preformulation/formulation
• Stability testing
• Manufacturing processes
• Quality control
• Technical innovations
• Packaging
• Herbal medicinal products

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The conference will take place at the Hotel Melia Lebreros in Sevilla. The hotel is in the city's new commercial centre within a few minutes walk from the historical and monumental centre of Seville . Santa Justa Railway Station with its high speed train is 300 mts away and the airport is 8 kms away.

Sevilla. Turist information, hotels, restaurants, ...


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Plenary lectures

Prof. Paolo Colombo, University of Parma, Italy Swelling, Tabletting and Drug delivery Control

Professor Kaneto Uekama, (Kumamoto University , Japan ), "Potential Use of Cyclodextrins in Peptide and Protein Delivery"


Contributed papers
Contributed papers will be presented from Monday 10 to Wednesday 12, 1pm, either orally or in poster form. All information concerning the deadline for proposal is given below.

Instructions for authors

Abstracts of contributed papers and submission forms must be sent by e-mail by the corresponding author to e-mail (if less than 2 Mb) or on a CD or a floppy disk to APGI, 5 rue Jean Baptiste-Clément, 92296 Châtenay-Malabry Cedex, France before 1 December, 2003. A notification of reception will be sent back to the corresponding author. 
For the presentation of abstracts, the authors must carefully follow the sample downloadable here.

Acceptance of papers
Authors will be notified of acceptance of their paper and of the mode of presentation (oral or poster) by 1 February 2004.


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From Monday 10 to Tuesday 11 May, 2004, 5 pm, an exhibition on drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology will be organized at the same time with the Conference.


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Every participant should fill out the form that is downloadable here and send it to APGI by fax or by mail. Registration should be done before January 31, 2004 in order to obtain reduced fees.


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Social programme


Optional excursion programme


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The Maurice-Marie Janot Lecture Award, sponsored by Aventis Pharma France, will be granted on the occasion of the “European Conference on Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Technology” in Sevilla. A lecture will be given by the winner.This award is attributed by an international jury presided by Prof.Trevor M. Jones. The winner, chosen on the basis of the quality and originality of his work in pharmaceutical technology, will be known in early 2004.



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For more information contact APGI / SEFIG